Gel 2013: Speaker list

We were very excited to have these outstanding presenters at Gel 2013:

Robert Hammond

Robert Hammond,
Cofounder, The High Line

Resurrected an elevated train line to become one of the most celebrated public spaces in New York City.

Rachel Shechtman

Rachel Shechtman,
Founder of STORY

Reinventing retail: STORY curates its products like a magazine, then changes like an art gallery.

Ben Kaufman

Ben Kaufman,
Founder of

Crowdsources new product designs, then makes them a reality.

Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin,
Founder of Polyface Farm

Healing the earth through agriculture, as profiled in The Omnivore's Dilemma.

Gabriel Weinberg

Gabriel Weinberg,
Founder, Duck Duck Go

Reinventing search.

Leslie Koch

Leslie Koch,
President, Trust for Governor's Island

Bringing an entire island back to life by observing how people use the park.

Zahra Aljabri

Zahra Aljabri,
Founder, Mode-sty

Reinventing style in women's fashion, within specific constraints.


Sam & Leslie Davol,
The Uni Project

Bringing books - on paper - to places they're needed.

Roman Baca

Roman Baca,
Founder, Exit 12 Dance Company

An Iraq war veteran using dance to tell stories and heal wounds.

Ken Freedman

Ken Freedman,
General Manager, WFMU

Restored a beloved, freeform radio station after devastation from Hurricane Sandy.

Gabriel Weinberg

Ellie Balk & Nate Affield,
Green School educators

Teaching Brooklyn students data visualization - with a paintbrush.

Mark Hurst

Mark Hurst,
Founder, Creative Good

Also the Gel host.